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Download Magic version beta 0.4: choose platform then click on the icon


You need to have Java runtime environment installed to run MAGIC's GUI. Either Sun's Java or GNU's Java will do.

Release notes and main info page at SourceForge site can be found here.

MAGIC full version include the organisms hierarchy, in case you are not sure how to provide MAGIC with the organisms hierarchy  it is recommended to download the MAGIC full version.

 Jar, Binaries>>

Linux v. (tested on RedHat 8)
      MAGIC (full version 24.9 MB)       

  Light MAGIC  (
1.76 MB)  

                                              Window v.
                           new! V 0.6.0                    
                                       Light MAGIC (
3.69  MB) 

MAGIC GUI Source code>>
(Java source code combined with with pre-processing/mapping phase native object files.)


 Mapping phase C++ source code>>




·         Pre-processing phase C++/C source code>>



















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